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linda1.jpg (3441 bytes)Hi, I'm Linda and this is my family.

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Here I am with my husband, Olli, in Big Sur, California.

And here is our lovely daughter, Sara (the roses are from our garden!).

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And of course.... Charlie!

Our home. I just love this house. It's so full of character and is over 100 years old. Most houses here have been extended at some point (or various points). It starts out as a smaller home and gets added onto throughout the years.

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house4.jpg (21146 bytes) Here is a peek into our back garden. One thing we have figured out is that everyone has a garden rather than a yard. And, even though it is called gardening here -- we still call it yard work!

Pickin' apples in our garden! They made for some delicious apple pies!

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Please feel free to browse through my albums of the places we've visited while living in Europe.

England France Scotland Wales

I'll have more pics very soon. I plan to update this page on a regular basis in order to share my adventure.  So please come back again!


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