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mblanc2.jpg (11406 bytes) Recently we took a trip to France and Switzerland.   Here is a pic of Mont Blanc, France (French Alps).

It looks like dark clouds in the far distance but that is actually another mountain range. Words cannot describe the peace and beauty found here -- so high up and looking out over the valley. That's my husband in the pic!

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mblanc3.jpg (15999 bytes) And here I am with my fear of heights. Going up to this mountain was one of the most frightful things I've ever done. It was a step of faith for me. I didn't want to go up -- but felt compelled by the Lord to put faith before fear! For how can I promise to follow Him anywhere if I let the fear of a mountain to stop me? Isn't He bigger than any mountain?  So I just kept looking up, keeping my eyes on Him!
Chxgls.jpg (15199 bytes) While visiting Mont Blanc, we visited Chamonix, a village at the foot of the mountain. While there, we stopped into the village church and I was able to take a pic of this beautiful stained glass window.

Lac-Du-Bourget, Aix-Les-Bains, France.

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March 23, 2000

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