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A Living Testimony
by Eileen

I was saved when I was 7 years old. But I left the Lord as an adult for over 25 years. In March of 1997 I got a computer and got online. My husband found OTT [Old Testament Trivia] for me. A lot of us got to know each other in there. I was at first sarcastic and did not think a lot of religious people...even Christians. I was skeptic from years of hurt by them which included even my own parents and siblings.

But God changed all that. Slowly I learned about Him and who He really is. Slowly, I got rid of past garbage and learned the truth of Him. I now know in my heart, I was actually saved last winter. I have the holy spirit in me and I feel like a new person. At first the devil attacked me something fierce...telling me I wasn't worthy, throwing thoughts of my past in my face to keep me down....which in turn kept me from serving my Lord.....from being close to Him. But with the help of my Savior, I overcame that also.

He has blessed my life beyond belief. I started looking for a church to attend about four months ago or so. I attended many but none seemed to be the place the Lord wanted me to go. (hang in here, I have a point to this lol)
I attended alone as my husband said he'd never step foot in another church as long as he lived and that was in 1975.
Well, I have found a church. Not only that but my husband attends with me and loves it. I prayed that the Lord would bring my husband to him. I was lonely to share my faith with him. I had full assurance He would hear my prayer but oh me of little faith, I thought it may take years.



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January 16, 2000

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