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A Living Testimony
by Mrs. Lyn Cheah

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The Cheah Family

I would like to dedicate this testimony to give God all the praise and glory. Psalm 29:2 declares that we “Give unto the Lord, the glory due unto His name...”

I would to thank my church pastor, Rev Daniel Tan of Aldergate's Methodist Church (Singapore) our church prayer groups, the WSCS and all concerned church members and Christian friends on the net locally & abroad for all their prayers.

In November/December ‘97, I had two episodes of nose bleeding. I consulted an ENT specialist who did a scope and found there were no growth in the nasal areas. To be doubly sure, he ordered an EBV test (i.e. Cancer screening test for nasal cancer). The results were positive. Immediately I was sent for MRI of the head and chest x-ray, to exclude occult nasal cancer and lymphoma.

Throughout the one hour during the MRI, I prayed and asked God to touch each and every section of the scan. I claimed on God’s promise that He would hear my needs and answer them . In 1 John 5:15 the scripture tells us that “And if we know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” As the scan result would only be known the following day, on the same evening I broke the news to my husband, Sam. We prayed together, believing God to answer our request. Sam contacted his Christian website friends and together with our church, to pray for a miracle of God’s healing upon me.

The whole night we were praying. My sister even fasted and prayed for me. Within 24 hours, we received prayer responses from Christians who received our emails - including our pastor who phoned us early the next morning. Many Christians who received Sam’s email messages prayed and encouraged us to believe God to heal me.

Many thoughts crossed my mind. I told the Lord I was prepared to meet Him but my youngest daughter Seraphine was still too young to be without a mother. I was also worried about the medical expenses, the sufferings and the side effects of the treatment. However I thanked God that in spite of the circumstance I was more fortunate than those who perished in the 1997 mid-air explosion involving our local airline tragedy - their bodies could not even be retrieved. I consoled myself that even if the MRI would show positive results, I was thankful I still have a chance to fight on and survive. Insomuch I called on the name of Jesus and committed all my fears and anxieties to Him. I told the Lord that my life is in His hands. God heard my cries. He showered His mercy and grace upon me and my family. The next morning at work I was told that my scan results were absolutely negative. The ENT specialist ordered a biopsy test to confirm the findings. By faith I proceeded with the test and praise God ! The biopsy result was also negative. I was advised to have an observation every few months. Though the weeks that have already passed so quickly, I thank God for His faithfulness and His strength.

If my testimony here for the Lord touches you, please send your feedback to me at ATTN: Lyn> May the Lord touch your heart and grant you His peace.



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January 16, 2000

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