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Prayer Requests

If you need prayer or encouragement or are struggling with your faith or even just need someone to talk to please feel free to write.

All letters/correspondence are kept confidential.




What is your prayer request and/or comment?

new1.gif (2364 bytes)Join us in a weekly prayer session -- not online, but in the Spirit!

Praying brothers and sisters in Christ across the United States and around the world have agreed to set aside 1 hour a week to pray for the lost and for the sick and those in need.  Also, if you can't spare the hour due to the time differences... a minute or two will be a blessing!

Join us on Wednesday's at 10:00PM (Eastern Time)  (4:00AM GMT).

Note:  When the US goes to Daylight Savings Time in April it will then be 3am GMT.


If you join us be sure to let me know!  I'd love to know where you're from.  Eventually, I'd like to add a world map to this page showing the prayer coverage of all the Saints!


Garden of Prayer
He Will Meet You There!!!


Prayer Board
Here you are welcomed to pray and/or leave your request.


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March 28, 2000

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