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Links that offer hope, encouragement and prayer...


Golden Nugget A wonderful prayer ministry now with a new home page. The Golden Nugget Prayer List is always a blessing to receive... not only does it give you an opportunity for prayer; it always gives you a Golden Nugget of God's Word to plant in your heart.
Prayer Vine A growing prayer ministry which has also just published a new home page.
Spiritual Warfare Ministries This site is about taking possession of our inheritance in Christ and overcoming our enemy's assaults.  We believe that victorious Christian living is possible when sound Biblical principles are incorporated in our lives.
Intercessors For America A Christian ministry founded in 1973 which serves the Church of Jesus Christ by encouraging effective prayer and fasting for the Church, our nation, and their leaders.



Precious Testimonies This site has many wonderful and edifying testimonies that will truly bless you. Testimonies are listed by categories... be sure to visit them all.
True Stories of changed lives. How God turns ... This page is from the UK and has many wonderful testimonies.
#1 BEST INVITATION EVER!!! - FREE Testimonies by category and condensed for quick and easy reading.
Christian Testimonies Revival Ministries presents a list of testimonies.


Places of Ministry

Carolyn's Home Page A wonderful place of ministry for women. This is a new page... so visit often to watch it grow and bless the women of God.
SALVATION STATION; Christ Jesus, Messiah Yeshua Pick your station... Bible, Art, Music, Testimonies and more.
Barbara's Entourage...God, Family and Friends! As you enter into the halls of this website, may you receive that which you need, whether it be a welcome, smile, joy, peace, or blessing. If you are searching, I pray GOD lets you end your search for whatever you need here in the halls of Entourage.
Cheah Family One Outreach Ministry of Cheah Family-One (Singapore)
Jesus Connect Jesus Connect provides many areas of ministry... including an adoption line, pornography addiction help, music, testimonies and much more.
Reynold M. de Guzman's Home Page Meet Reynold, creator of Jesus Connect and World Connect. Check out his webcam... pretty cool.
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) International Web... A wonderful Christian ministry training up the youth of today and sending them out into the mission fields of the world to provide various types of ministry and help.
The Ranch

Tired?  Worn out?  Need a boost in your faith?  Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to The Ranch, a spiritual retreat center, right here on the Internet.  This is a place where you can unwind, relax and spend some time with God.

Jews for Jesus: So Come In Already "We exist to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people world-wide."
New Index Answering Islam Main Page Muslim-Christian Dialog
Teddy Bear Monastery Meet Theodore and Tilly-bear. Theodore and Tilly-bear's Teddy Bear Monastery telling the world that Jesus Loves You!!! Check out the story... great for children... even us older ones!!!
The First International Church Of The Web The First International Church Of The Web is Non-Denominational, preferring to emphasize the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ rather than individual differences of interpretation.
Louis van Rensburg's Christian Web Page Personal web page and a wonderful ministry. Louis shares his testimony and encouragement.
Precious Testimonies The primary purpose of PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES is to be used of God to help others come to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Once a person has invited Jesus Christ to become Lord of their life, we then endeavor to help that person grow in their relationship with Him, to help that person enter into the purpose God has for that individual.
Red Oak First United Methodist Church Our web site is here to help you grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The best way we help you do that is through our daily devotion page.


Graphics and Sounds

Inspired Christian Technologies (ICT) and animated gifs Tons and tons of cool stuff... from regular gifs to animated gifs... music and more. Well worth a visit.
MIDI Praise Praise and Worship.... many to choose from.
Zyris - Animated Graphic Creator Create your own spining animated gif here. Very easy.


Other Links

Old Testament Trivia (AOL ONLY) You don't have to be an Old Testament expert to play this game. You can learn as you go. Also, visit the chat there... many nice friends to be made.
NTN Games Studio (AOL ONLY) If you really love trivia, this is the place to go. They have every trivia game imaginable.
NTN (on the Web) Visit here to play sample games of the National Trivia Network.
Church Directory of the United States Search for a church anywhere in the US. Some states not completed as of yet but they are working on it.
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards FREE greeting cards... some with animation and sound!!! Great for all holiday's or just because.
THE JERUSALEM POST DAILY INTERNET EDITION Read first hand about things taking place in Jerusalem... watch Bible prophecy unfold and read stories not shown on our news here in the US.
Happy Childhood A fun and absolutely delightful site for the child in ALL of us!


If you have a link or would like to recommend a link please let us know.

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