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Special Projects

sp001.JPG (18581 bytes)Occasionally Dosis Ministries has special projects and we would like to begin sharing some of them with you along the way...





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Past projects involved putting together gift bags for various children.  Recipients have included:

The Salvation Army, Arlington, Texas
(100 children)

God's World, Dallas, Texas
(100 children)

Pontiac Rescue Mission, Pontiac, Michigan
(31 children)

Various families


Update: The bags are completed and delivered. A very special BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved -- especially Deb, for allowing the Lord to use her to inspire this wonderful idea of giving!!!


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Update from the Salvation Army, Arlington, Texas, Christmas 1998:

When I delivered the bags I apologized for the gifts not being as nice or plentiful as last year. The number of children for this project has grown from 80 to 250. The director told me that they have just completed a survey and that 98% of the children are living BELOW the poverty level. She said, "This is a good thing. For many of the children this is about all they will get this Christmas... and they are so overjoyed that someone thought of them. This is a treasure to them." I learned that by my standards, the gifts were small... but by their standards... the gifts were a pot of gold wrapped in love.


Special Note: A project like this is fun to do... not only does it provide opportunities to bring family and friends together for a common cause, it is a blessing to all -- most especially, the children. Start with picking someplace in your community... then God will provide the help and direction.

Candy and toys were donated by friends and we all chipped in to buy the bags and surprises. Then we set a date to put it all together. We've done this on several occasions and each time was a tremendous blessing and success.

Be creative and prayerful! If you'd like, you can contact me and I'll let you know how we went about gathering goodies.


Next project... I'll keep you posted. With a recent move to England... pray that God will open doors for ministry to the children.


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December 14, 1999

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