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I share with you, my prayer board... (03/21/00)

This is a replica of a whiteboard I have up in my ministry office to be prayed over daily. These are requests have have come to me, personally, on-line and off-line. Some requests are very personal in nature and for that purpose I may only have their names or initial(s) listed on-line and the details may be unclear... but the Lord knows each one and may He bless you as you pray with me.

These requests are VERY personal to me and I feel as though I am exposing a part of my heart by sharing these requests and I ask that all who continue on to respect that.
Consider this room Holy Ground... before the throne of God.
If you choose not to pray.... you may return to the
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Thank you!

Prayer Board

Pray for the salvation of Rachel's soul.

Pray for continued healing for Curt.

Pray for Jim -- to always stand strong in the Lord.

Jennie - Grace in answering the cal of the Lord.

Pray for Marjorie to know the fullness of Christ!

Brett & Jenny - direction concering major job changes.

Diana - having tormenting dreams.

Raylene - to not be neutral concerning the things of the Lord.

Patrick -- deliverance from demonic oppression.

David and Tessa - unspoken request.

Josh - that he find his way back to the Lord.

Pray that Sara gives her heart fully to the Lord once and for all.

Pray for Michael Fink and wife as they go through seminary.


Please write if you would like your prayer request to be added to the prayer board.


My Prayer Request:

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March 21, 2000

For God so loved the world ...