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A Living Testimony
by Mary E. Adams

A letter written to Andrew in response to an article about travailing in prayer

Dear Andrew:

How deeply appreciative I am of your recent article about prayer. Soul-wrenching prayer before God is what is needed among us all. Forgive an old woman (65) for wanting to say to you of a younger generation: please listen carefully; I have been in such revivals as you talk about, they were awesome! and many, many souls were turned to the Lord, miracles of healing took place that were so wonderful they took your breath away. But it came about by an agonizing prayer to God from all of us. One young man literally went outside in the middle of the night and cried out to God...alone. He was completely transformed. An entire church exploded with such burden for souls that they announced to the pastor that they would show up at the church each evening to go out two by two into the surrounding villages and share Jesus. He was dumbfounded! People WANTED to gather together...they could not stay away, it was a heavenly visitation of the love of God! I will never forget it.

But may I also share with you another aspect of this kind of travail with tears. A young Chinese girl recently went to Vietnam for a month. She went there to minister in a Christian orphanage. When she arrived, she was so shocked to see the many crippled and maimed children who had suffered in the recent war. It grieved her terribly, so much so that she went alone to pray and travail. With tears she cried out to God for these suffering people. While she was praying, suddenly she remembered someone else affected by that war...when she was in Bible school in USA, she had visited the home of a fellow student, and that girl's father was in a wheel chair. He too had been injured in the Vietnam war and had been in that chair ever since. She began to weep about his condition also. And while all of this is taking place, a thought came to her about the story in the Bible concerning Peter and John going up to the Temple and meeting a crippled man. "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I do have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ, RISE AND WALK!" Later, she sat down and wrote a letter to this girlfriend and told her that she had prayed for her father.

After two or three week, this Chinese lady returned to her home in Malaysia. When she went to her computer to see if there was any mail, she discovered she had one from this girlfriend in USA. "Melanie, I was so shocked to get your letter and find that you had been praying for my father. You know how bitter he was over his war injury, and had lost all hope? Well, let me tell you what happened! On the 12th of June my father was asleep. But he had a dream, and in the dream he heard a voice which said, 'RISE AND WALK!" He awoke, and GOT UP AND WALKED! Melanie...when did you pray for my father?" Melanie quickly went to her diary and saw that she had prayed for this man on the 5th of June. Exactly 7 days later, the man was completely healed!
The man went to church the very next meeting and stood before the people and told this wonderful testimony. The church went wild with excitement over this miracle, and now this same man is traveling everywhere, even to Guatemala, to share with others what Christ has done for him. Remember, he had been in a wheelchair ever since the Vietnam war!

Jesus spent hours in travailing prayer, weeping before his heavenly Father. It is when our hearts are affected so deeply in concern for others and our own spiritual condition, God sees and is touched by the FEELINGS of our infirmities...
God bless you.
Mary E. Adams


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January 16, 2000

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