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A Living Testimony
by RosePgtSnd


Blessings to my brothers and sisters in Jesus. I've been moved to share my testimony with you, and pray that it will encourage and spur you on towards walking with Christ.

I was saved in Jesus in 1981. I was 14 years old, then, young and naive. I was in a church whose youth pastor put himself on a pedestal. When he caused waves in the church, and was asked to leave, he took 1/2 of the youth group with him. He told me I had to leave my home, because it was bad for my spiritual growth. I did, but I returned home, and stopped going to church, or having a relationship with Christ.

I married a non-Christian man from the middle-east, and led a sinful life. The Lord continued to let me know He was there, waiting for me, but I continued to deny Him.

6 1/2 years after I was married, we separated and divorced. I was literally running for my life. My son and I survived the best we could on my retail manager's salary. The Lord continued to send people into my life to remind me that God wanted my heart. I did return to church, but was not serious about my walk. I continued my sinful life.

Then, in 1994, I was electrocuted at work, and nearly lost my life. I ended up in a wheelchair, and had to relearn to speak, read, and walk. When I was in the emergency room, the minister from the trauma team assigned me came in. He kissed my forehead and told me there was a reason this happened. (that's the only memory I have of the first 10 days). He continued to visit me every day after I got out of ICU, praying for me. He also would ask if he could read from the Word. I refused time and time again. I was angry at my condition. Angry at God, and angry at the world. The Lord continued to work on my heart. The minister continued to visit me. I was in the cardiac critical care unit, and decided that I could either continue to get worse, and possibly die, or accept where I was, and thank the Lord that I was still alive for my son. When the minister came in and prayed for me that day, he again asked if he could read from his word. He read from 1 John 4:18......that Love casts out fear. I was no longer afraid of my condition. I went into inpatient rehabilitation, and met a lovely Christian couple there. The husband was in the rehab as well. I began going to their church, and began anew my life with Christ. I moved closer to my family a year later.

After my move, I met a wonderful man. He was funny, outgoing, and loved the Lord. We dated, and were later engaged.. He kept telling me he wanted to get married sooner than later, because he knew he was going to die soon, and wanted me and my son taken care of. When he had originally proposed to me, I told him I had to pray about it. The Lord said "Wait". During our waiting time, the Lord worked in many areas in our relationship, and a lot in this man's life. The Lord had me encourage this man to have a meeting with his ex-wife, and 3 children, and us. This meeting was scheduled. The Lord then released me, and told me to say "yes" to his proposal. When I told him he could propose to me again, I said "yes".

We had the meeting with his family. My fiancée apologized for his horrible anger before he became a Christian. He told them that he was a new man in Christ. We told each of his children how much he loved them, and found out there dreams, goals, and desires. He asked for forgiveness from his ex-wife.. After this meeting, his 14 1/2 year old son lingered with me. We talked about eternal life. I told him that he didn't know whether he would live 100 years, or a hundred days. This young man thought he could wait until later in life to "get religious" and have fun until then, living a worldly life. I told him that if he thought he would wait until he was 50, he may die when he was 49. He accepted Christ that day.

Exactly four weeks before our wedding, I had sent out the rest of our wedding invitations. My fiancée' and his 14 1/2 year old son had gone to drive to the eastern part of the state to retrieve some items for our wedding. When I got home, I was greeted by his boss, who is also a brother in Christ, and his family. They had brought me flowers. They went on to tell me that my fiancée' and his son were killed early that morning by a drunk driver on Highway 18 in Washington State (one of the most dangerous highways in the US). I was numb, but somehow, not surprised. I knew it was going to happen, too, I found out. The Lord had prepared my heart. I moved in what seemed like slow motion the next 3 days.

On the third day after the accident, the Lord, being the loving and faithful father He is, gave me a supernatural peace regarding what had happened. He showed me that he had just told me to say "yes" to the proposal, and I had been obedient. He showed me that I was in their lives to help this man take care of some loose ends in his life, and to renew his relationship with his family. Exactly one week from the day of the accident, I gave my testimony in church. On the day I gave my testimony, there were several families visiting that did not know Christ. For over a year, people were calling me, telling me that a person they told this account to, or gave a written copy of my testimony, had received Christ. I still have accounts trickle in, to this day.

You see, the Lord only asks for our obedience. Our obedience may lead us to situations that we don't like, but the Lord is faithful to sustain us. The Lord had said to just say "yes". He had a plan that was greater than mine could have ever been. At the memorial service, several of his friends spoke. They said that he was the happiest in the last year of his life, than they have ever seen him.. I sang a song he always loved me to sing him. "In a little while we'll be with the Father, can't you see Him smile. In a little while we'll be home forever, in a while. We're just here to learn to love Him, and we'll be home in just a little while. Day's like these are just a test of our will. Will we walk or will we fall? Well I can almost see the top of the hill, and I believe it's worth it all".

Well, it's a few years later. I became content with being a servant of the Lord. He brought someone into my life, a wonderful, loving, Christian man. This time, the Lord said, "THIS! This is the man you're going to marry". We were married this last October. I thank the Lord for his faithfulness, and for the glory that came out of my ex-fiancée' and his son's life.

Please pass this testimony on to all you can. Let children know they are not invincible, let adults know that they shouldn't wait. For those of you who know the Lord......

Do you know at least one person who doesn't know the Lord that you haven't witnessed to? Well, What are YOU waiting for?

your servant and Sister in Christ,


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January 16, 2000

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