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The Garden of Prayer
by Thomas Kinkade

There is a place
Our God creates --
A wondrous Garden of Prayer
And there He'll wait
Beside the gate
For those who'll meet Him there.

Perhaps in a garden we are closer to our creator.  We certainly are more close to His creation.  My prayer is that this painted garden will be a meeting place for many that would speak to their God in the silence of morning.  Or the silence of evening.  Or any time in between.  In our imagination we might picture His presence at our side.  Or is it just imagination?  Do we see in the distance a gentle visitor approaching the gate?  
Thomas Kinkade

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Thomas Kinkade is one of my most favorite artists.  He is known as the painter of light.  Most dear to me is The Garden of Prayer.  It serves as a constant reminder that He will meet me there -- in the Garden of Prayer.  If you look carefully beyond the gates you will see Jesus... coming to meet you in the garden.

Will you meet Jesus there today?

He's waiting...

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My friend, if I could convey to you just one thing, it would be this:

That Jesus loves you so much and He cares for you!

He would rather die than to spend eternity without YOU!

So He came from heaven to earth, fully man - fully God.  Then He became the ultimate sacrafice, once and for all time, for our sin -- to close the gap in the separation between man and God.

So you don't have to carry your shame or your sin, your separation from God, around with you anymore.

Let Him in to your heart!

Let's pray together...

Lord Jesus,
Forgive me for my sins, my separateness, from You.
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, Lord.
Thank You for setting me free.
And Jesus, I pray that you send me -- to follow You.

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