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A Living Testimony
by Chip

My wife and I came from a primarily Baptist and Methodist background. When my wife and I married and with the arrival our first child we felt an obligation to raise this child in a Christian upbringing. So out of duty we started shopping for churches. My wife Suzanne was very close to her Aunt and Uncle who were Catholic. He was a medical doctor who was educated at a Catholic Seminary, he went into the Army during World War II and married Sue's Aunt. He was a marvelous man and a great influence on my wife and I. He invited me to "shop" the Catholic Church. At my first mass I actually fell over "Uncle Doc" when he stopped to kneel before the Lord in the main aisle. My first experience was good however, because in the church were people who were on their knees worshipping God "as if" He were right there with them, and of course He was. No long sermons, not a very "entertaining" service but so respectful.. At first, I thought the people were not too friendly, but then realized that when they were in the presence of God their focus was on Him. I liked it! So we started our instructions at the Catholic student center at Michigan State University.
A few years later, I attended a Catholic "Cursillo" weekend. (An encounter weekend that really tells you how to live the faith.) It rattled my cage and I was, as the scriptures say, "born again".
Now I am a music leader at church, song writer and play 12 string acoustic guitar and specialize in retreat weekends for our Catholic faith and many interdenominational types also. They just love to get hold of a Catholic. And I love them too.
My walk with the Lord has been for 40 years now and it is good!

In God's love,



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January 16, 2000

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