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A Living Testimony

by Marion and Elaine

Some time ago I wrote and asked you all for prayer concerning our ministry. I realize that your prayers were sent up because God has truly blessed us since we started this ministry. Before I endeavor to spell out the blessings we have received I should give you a little insight about us.

Elaine (my wife) and I have been married 28 wonderful years. We have two grown sons, our eldest is married and our youngest recently graduated from college. I am an RN working in critical care and ER. Elaine is an upholsterer and holds a degree in business management.

Approximately 2 1/2 years ago our lives took a dramatic change. Elaine and I started attending the same church for the first time since we had been married. I attended Catholic Church and she a Baptist previously. To describe the circumstances that lead to this is too long a story to get into at this point. For the first time in my life I felt fulfilled and really a part of something wonderful.

Our marriage was blooming, our income was sky rocketing. We opened our own business -- a craft store and upholstery shop. Everything was going great in our lives. God was really blessing us. One night I had a dream that changed me even more. When I woke up in a cold sweat Elaine thought I might have suffered a flashback (Military). I told her I wasn't sure what had happened but it was something to do with God. A few days later I was immersed in conversation with our Pastor deliberating over some of the concerns of our church. One of the concerns was his upcoming vacation and who he should get to fill the pulpit during his absence. Suddenly I knew that God had opened the door for me and my dream had been explained. The next day I got an advertisement for a seminary school. I checked it out and enrolled a few weeks later. Soon after this Elaine and I felt we needed to begin working together in a ministry of some sort. A friend had asked if I would accompany him during a gospel sing at the nursing homes in our town. (guitar) During these visits I was led to understand the need of someone to minister to this population on Sundays. That is where cyber partners got involved. We came to y'all and asked for prayer.

Since that time we have purchased our own sound system. Elaine discovered a talent for singing and we have been blessed many times over with the love and affection of the residents. Truly our prayers have been answered and your prayers have been granted and multiplied with results from our most glorious and wonderful God.
Thank you all so much and please keep us in your prayers as we feel that our work is just beginning. God is so good and we want to serve him in the capacity that he chooses for us.

God Bless you all,
Marion & Elaine


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January 16, 2000

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