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A Living Testimony
by StorySarah

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My witness of God's work in me and through my circumstances would be a book. Therefore, I will not tell of my experiences with Him, but I will witness of His calling me to Him.

This was the first fulfilled promise from the Word into my life, that is, that He calls us unto Himself. But who can explain that calling from Him to someone who has never read about His Word. I only remember staring toward heaven, but my kitchen ceiling was in the way, and so, I talked to God there, and I reached up to Him and shouted that if I knew how to get to Him, I would. Most of my disappointments about life would always then muffle His call, and I would shrug and offer my list of excuses for being who and what I was as a result of those disappointments that would surely excuse me from God.
But misery followed me all the days of my days, until I went to a doctor and asked for a magical pill that would make my miseries go way. Now at this time, I was going to church, and I had told my pastor of my misery, and that I could not read the Bible, and that I could not pray, but my sepulcher was so whited that he just didn't understand what I was saying, and he told me to just try harder.

But it was not by my effort, but by my surrender that I found my way through the ceiling of my misery and found God's outstretched hand. It was simply in a Name.
The doctor had listened to my cries, and then, he wrote something on a prescription pad, and as he handed it to me, he said "you need Jesus." That Name pierced me like nothing in life ever had, for He is the Life. The prescription was for a Living Bible. In the months following, I could not stop praying with such joy, and I could not stop reading that Bible. Each verse I read no longer condemned me, but blessed me and introduced me to my Savior. After three months of reading, I saw what had happened to me through the words of John and Romans, as well as all the others, and I realized that the call was now living in my heart and no longer stopped just the other side of my white ceiling.

Witness of His works is in every second of every minute of our days, and I will choose the one most outstanding in my own life to share that not only does He save us, and feed us, and rain across our land, but He picks us up when we fall; be it physically or spiritually.

Twenty-five years after my first contact with God through Jesus Christ, I began wobbling. The physical diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis, and while through most of my adulthood, there had been symptoms that were not viewed as "symptoms" of anything, this time it hit like a train. The spiritual diagnosis called for a quarantine. God was calling me aside unto Himself.

From the first sound of the words from the doctor until this point nearly four years later, I have not shed a tear....much to my surprise. But I knew He lifted me up, and sat me down where He most wanted me to be for me, so that I could give more to Him. My life has done nothing but improve. Praise our Mighty God and Savior. Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and will show you great and mighty things, which you know not of.



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January 16, 2000

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