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A Living Testimony
by Joanne

In the fall of 1949 my Great grandmother Turner was in the hospital near to death. My mom and dad went to visit her. When they went into her room they could feel a heavenly presence there. My great grandmother was in her 90's, but they said she was so beautiful as she lay on her hospital bed, her long white hair covering the pillow. They said she was absolutely beautiful! She was the most wonderful Christian I have ever known. As she lay close to death, she looked at my mom and dad and said: "I am so happy, this is Paradise at last." As she left this world for her heavenly home, my mom and dad said they could actually hear heavenly music. My mom and dad came home from the hospital and my mom told us kids: "That is how I want to die, when it is time for me to go."

My mom and dad had never lived for the Lord in all of my 16 years. My dad was raised as Free Methodist, and when he met my mom and wanted to marry her, they turned their back on him. So, my dad stopped going to church. As a child, I can remember going to church with my twin sister.

The Sunday after my great grandmother died, we went to church.
When it came time for the alter call, the song we sang was "Just As I Am." As we sang this song my mom and dad stood up together - neither one knowing the other was going to stand. You would not believe the difference in our home the next week!! No more swearing, no more drinking, my dad gave up smoking.... we couldn't believe the difference in our home.

So, the next Sunday we went back to church and when they played the invitational song, my twin sister and I went forward, the next Sunday my little sister was saved, and the next Sunday my brother was saved!!

When my grandmother Turner died in 1949 and my mom came home and told us we were going to church, because when she died, she wanted to die just like Grandmother Turner. Well, my mom died in 1990... the year we got our precious daughter that we were to later adopt. My mom and dad live in Oregon and we live in NC, so I was not able to go home. My dad said my mom would want me to be with my new 6 year old daughter. When my mom died, dad said she looked into his eyes and smiled. She said "I am well" and went to sleep. Every morning since that day when my dad gets up in the morning he pray: "Jesus, please tell my sweetheart good morning!" They were married for 60 years the year she died.

In his love,

Joanne May


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January 16, 2000

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