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A Living Testimony
by Anonymous

My dad was an alcoholic. He started drinking at the early age of 17 years old. My grandfather was a very bitter man who showed no love or affection to my dad or to his other 14 sons. My dad was whipped many times by my grandfather and it almost seemed as if my grandfather didn't love his children. My dad was born and raised in Mexico and thanks to the persistence of my grandmother, they were able to legally come to this country.

When my dad met my mom, he hide all of his flaws. He was always such a wonderful gentlemen who never drank, who never said bad words, and who was always responsible and very respectful. Well, my dad married my mom at age 26 and my mom was 24. After the wedding, everything changed.
My dad started to get drunk with his family and he began to say many bad words to my mom. My dad began to offend and insult my mom for no good reason. I guess he just felt that he was more of a men by putting my mom down. My mom was shocked and she couldn't believe she had married a man like him. My mom was a very quiet and vulnerable women and all she would do was just cry. She cried of repentance because she had married my dad. Her very first years of marriage with my dad were like hell and all she would do was just cry. She did not have the support or help of no one. All of my mom's family was in Mexico. The only reason why my mom stayed with my dad was because I was born and she didn't wanted me to grow up without having my father.

My mom had a lot of faith in God and she would ask the Lord to make a miracle in my dad and to heal him. Well, it took about five years for my moms prayers to be answered. It all happen when my mom took me to kinder garden. Their was this lady in school who invited my mom to this very special retreat which was only for married couples.

My mom's heart pounded so deep that she wholeheartedly wanted to go. She told my dad to go to this retreat and my dad's response was "Your crazy, I'm never going to go to one of those places, that's only for crazy people". Well, my mom was firm with the Lord and her faith was greater then my dad's stubbornness. My mom prayed intensely, asking the Lord to touch my dad's heart and the unexpected happened.

My dad was a little bit drunk that day, and the retreat had already started a long time ago. He didn't even know why he said to my mom "let's go". My mom simply grabbed her sweater and they left. When they arrived to the retreat, there were over 6,000 people there, and they were in this big auditorium. The first thing my parents saw was the "Santisimo", the priest was in this moment praying for all of the people that had alcohol addictions, and etc. Well, the Lord surely took over my dad and my mom. It was incredible that the first thing the Lord did to my dad was that he deeply touched my dad's heart. My dad began to open up and the Lord began to do his will in him. The Lord filled my mom's emptiness with love, happiness, joy and incredible inner healing. The Lord healed my parents from so many things, that I don't even know them all. Only the Lord knows what he did.

After the retreat, the unexpected happened, my dad stopped saying bad words and he started being a different man. Both of my parents were like new people. They now wanted to work together as a team to start a new life together with the Lord. My dad started going to AA, and with time he was able to reduce his drinking until he eventually stopped drinking. My mom began to be a strong and brave women who cried no more for no reason. She now had the Lord within her and she knew that with the Lord she had the best in life. They began to serve in their church and the Lord used them as his chosen instruments. My sister, my two brothers and myself started going to this children ministry and we began to learn about God's Endless Love for all human beings.

The Lord is big, the lord is strong, the lord is all mighty and powerful, the lord is love, the lord is forgiveness, the lord is happiness, the lord is the light, the lord is the truth, the lord is the salvation of our souls, the lord is the essence of our existence, and the Lord is everything we need.
He gives unconditional love that no other human being can give. He forgives so much that after his blessing, we feel like new born human beings. He gives such strength and encouragement that we feel that nothing is impossible and with the Lord everything is possible. The Lord gives us the purpose and the reason to live. Our purpose is to do good in this world so we can receive the greatest gift he has planned for us, which is to live the eternal life with him. Where we won't suffer no more, cry no more, be hungry no more, be lonely no more, be sad no more and we will be eternally happy.

Can you just for a moment, imagine yourself being right next to God, sharing everything with him and being friends with him for an eternal life? Have you ever realized, and thought that "God is the King and we are all God's children"? Have you realized, just how special you are to God, that he sent Jesus Christ to die for "you"? Have you realized, that you will receive and inherit all of gods gifts which is the eternal life, because we are his beloved children? Have you realized that you will get more out of life if you do God's will, because he will provide everything that you need? Are you realizing that God has chosen "you", and he is talking to "you" in this moment as you are reading this email? Have you realized, that he wants "you" to come to him? Are you realizing just how much of your life you have been wasting if you haven't been with the Lord?.............................So then, what are you waiting for?...............Repent and God will forgive everything and start a new life with him. He will give "you" the light, the strength, and guidance you need to always do his will.......................and in this moment the Lord says to you "MY SON COME TO ME BECAUSE I AM WAITING FOR YOU"; "COME AND RECEIVE THE GIFTS AND BLESSINGS THAT I HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU".

Note: The author wished to remain anonymous, however, did give permission to include an e-mail address.
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January 16, 2000

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